ASDA Receipts for WCMAD Fundraising - How it works!

You may have seen me standing at the Lectern in St Agnes when Father Anton has asked me to give an update on ASDA Receipts so I thought I would give a little more detail here as to what I do and how much we have raised through those little pieces of paper.

It started a few years ago when we were discussing options for fundraising and I suggested it would be a good idea if ASDA would let us add all of our receipts together and give us cash which we could use for WCMAD.  Never being one to let the grass grow under his feet, Father Anton went into ASDA and put the idea to one of the managers.  Whilst they couldn't give us money they said we could put the value of the receipts onto gift cards - which we could then use for fundraising.  And so, from the germ of an idea came a great deal of money to contribute towards WCMAD.

I think most people are familiar with how the ASDA Price Guarantee Scheme works but it works on the basis that if you could have got your basket of shopping cheaper elsewhere then you may be entitled to a voucher, which you can then use off your next shop.  

How it works for WCMAD:-

  • Parishioners drop their receipts into the boxes at St Aidans & St Agnes;
  • I collect the receipts and sort them;
  • They have to be sorted as they have to meet certain criteria to be used - within date, at least 8 items, etc;
  • I end up with two piles, one that might be worth something, the other to be thrown away;
  • I then have to key the long 16 digit number at the bottom of the receipt into the ASDA website;
  • If there is a voucher available I print it and staple it to the receipt, those that aren't worth anything I throw away;
  • I collect them all together and take them into ASDA Customer Services;
  • They add the value of them all together and put them onto a gift card;
  • The giftcard is then used to buy prizes for fundraising events;
  • The money raised from the sale of raffle tickets all goes to WCMAD;
  • And then I start doing it all over again!
Some things you may not know:-
  • Over the last few years I have printed literally thousands of vouchers and sorted through twice as many receipts;
  • I have gone through reams and reams of paper, tens of printer cartridges and it has already finished off one printer through exhaustion!
  • I only use ASDA receipts but people drop in receipts from every supermarket including car parking receipts;
  • There is no need to cut the bottom of the receipt to remove card details as a) they couldn't be used, b) I don't read them and c) it also includes the 16 digit code so I have to throw the receipt away anyway!
We are very lucky that our local ASDA has been so supportive and that Parishioners have been so generous as some of the receipts have had up to £15, money people could use for their own shopping.

I won't pretend that sorting through mounds and mounds of paper is interesting and it does get quite repetitive at times but it couldn't be for a better cause and to know that the money is being put to such good use through WCMAD does make it worth it.

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