If you wish to have your child baptised, you must contact the Parish Office on 0151 489 3085 and you will be booked into a preparation meeting.

Please see below details of Baptism times:

St. Aidan’s Baptism Preparation:

  • 1st Monday of the month in St. Aidan’s church at 6:30pm

St. Aidan’s Baptisms:
  • 3rd Sunday at 11am
  • 4th Saturday at 12 noon

St. Agnes’ Baptism Preparation:
  • 1st Tuesday of the month in
  • St. Agnes’ church at 7:30pm

St. Agnes’ Baptisms:
  • 1st Sunday at 12:30pm & 2pm
  • 4nd Sunday at 12:30pm (Deacon)

If you need any further information, please use our contact form.

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