First Communion Programme 2017/2018

Link to this year's application form: Application-form-2017-2018.pdf

This is a very special year for you and your child as they prepare for First Communion and we know that you will want your child to participate fully in this preparation.
This year’s First communion Programme is as follows:

Published :  08/11/2017

There will no longer be an evening preparation session. In order to prepare for First Communion, we are asking the children to attend Sunday Mass from 4th February to the First Communions in June, where the Preparation Book will be distributed and worked through alongside catechists in Little Church and you at home. This offers the best opportunity for your child to have full understanding of this very special sacrament.
It is essential that your child attend the day of preparation which will be arranged for each school. For those who do not attend St Aidan’s, St. Joseph’s or St. Anne’s, there will be a separate day of preparation advertised through the parish newsletter in the new year.
In order to participate in the First Communion Programme, your child MUST be baptised. We will have to have their name, date of birth and date of baptism before they start in February. If you are not sure of their baptism date, please phone the Parish office of the church where they were baptised to confirm. Please complete an application form and hand into the Parish Office: 92 Adswood Road, Huyton, L36 7XR
as soon as possible.

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