Little Church 2nd Sunday of Easter

We light a candle reminding us that even though we can’t see him, God is with us always.
Encourage the children to think about their week:
• are there things that they are sorry about...
For hurt we have caused; we are sorry.
You know what is in our hearts
We know we are loved.
• are there things that they are grateful for...
Talk about all the lovely things that have happened in your week. The time you have spent together. Anything nice that has happened.

Published :  16/04/2020

Last Week:

(Easter Sunday)
Last week we celebrated Easter, Jesus rising from the dead. Did you do anything special with your family to celebrate this special day? Did you get chocolate eggs? Maybe you missed being with some special people too.  Like we said at Palm Sunday, it’s ok to be happy and sad about something at the same time. Well, Easter is a really special time in the church and we will celebrate Easter for the next 8 weeks.
This week
(2nd Sunday of Easter)
This week we will hear the story of Thomas. He is often called Doubting Thomas, but really he is just someone with some questions. He has heard from some of his friends that Jesus has risen from the dead, but he saw what happened to him on Good Friday and he finds it hard to believe that this could be true. He wants to see for himself that Jesus is alive and not just believe it because other people have told him. Listen to the Gospel to hear what happens.
It isn’t always easy to believe something that we haven’t seen ourselves.  Thomas helps us all to know that it’s ok to have questions. When we ask questions, we are opening ourselves up to finding out more. What Jesus really wants us to know is that he is with us always. He is with you in the hugs and kind words your grownups give you. He is in the smile someone gives you as you pass them. He is in all the people who have to go to work, like the doctors, nurses, NHS staff, teachers, shop workers, all the key workers. He is in all of us who have to do our part in staying at home to help others. He is with us all always. We just have to look.
The Gospel reading and a reflection can be found on the CAFOD website:
Activity options:

  • If you haven’t already done so, paint a rainbow for your window to give other people joy and happiness at this time.
  • if you have some stones and paint, why not decorate them and leave them around your neighbourhood next time you go out for your exercise. (Only do this if your grownup is ok with it).
These little acts of kindness will bring a little joy to all who see them and help people to realise that Jesus is with us all.  Don’t forget to send us your pictures of your rainbows or painted stones.

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