Little Church 5th Sunday of Lent

5th Sunday of Lent
We light a candle reminding us that God loves each of us and that the Holy Spirit lives in us.
Each Sunday in Little Church, the children are encouraged to think about their week:

  • are there things that they are sorry about...
For hurt we have caused; we are sorry.
You know what is on our hearts
We know we are loved.
  • are there things that they are grateful for...
Talk about all the lovely things that have happened in your week. The time you have spent together. Anything nice that has happened.

Published :  24/03/2020

We discuss what happened in last week’s Little Church and then briefly explain what will happen this week.
Last Week:
(4th Sunday of Lent)
Last week we heard about Jesus curing a blind man. He did this miracle on the Sabbath which made the Pharisees angry. We are starting to see a little of how the Pharisees were feeling about Jesus. These events are what are leading us up to Good Friday.
This week
(5th Sunday of Lent)
This week we will hear of Jesus bringing his friend Lazarus back from the dead. This Sunday in Lent we are reminded of God’s love for us and the Holy Spirit that lives in us.
The Gospel reading and a reflection can be found on the CAFOD website:
Activity options:

  • Colour the image from the CAFOD website
  • Make cards to post to loved ones
  • Light a candle and pray for all the people you love.

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