Little Church Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday
Just like last week:
We light a candle reminding us that God loves each of us.
Encourage the children to think about their week:
• are there things that they are sorry about...
For hurt we have caused; we are sorry.
You know what is in our hearts
We know we are loved.
• are there things that they are grateful for...
Talk about all the lovely things that have happened in your week. The time you have spent together. Anything nice that has happened.

Published :  02/04/2020

Last Week:
(5th Sunday of Lent)
Last week we heard about Jesus bringing his friend Lazarus back from the dead. It is very important that we have heard this so close to us celebrating Easter. Jesus wanted his friends to have faith that when the he died on the cross he would be raised again on the third day.
This week
Palm Sunday
This is a really special day in our church year and usually we would all gather outside the church with big palms, Father would bless us all with holy water and we would sing and process into church in celebration, just like the people in Jerusalem did when Jesus rode in to the city on a donkey. These same people would, just a few days later, be shouting for Jesus to be crucified.
When you found out that school would be closed for a little while, were you a little bit excited? For some of you, maybe it feels nice to have a little more time with your grownups? But, it probably also feels really strange too and maybe you are a little sad that you can’t do all the things you like or see all the people you love... It’s a bit confusing to have this happy feeling and this sad feeling all at the same time isn’t it? Well Palm Sunday is a little reminder that good things and bad things can go together. Palm Sunday reminds us that when we accept both the good and the bad in a similar way, we allow ourselves to know that God is with us always in it all.

The Gospel reading and a reflection can be found on the CAFOD website:
Activity options:

  • Watch the video on Facebook that shows you how to make paper palm crosses.
  • Cut some green branches from the garden (ask a grown up to help) and tie these to your door to show we are celebrating Palm Sunday even if we can’t get to church
  • Make palms with green paint and your handprints for the leaves.

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