Little Church: The Trinity

Celebration of the Trinity
We light a candle and remember that God the Father, God the son and God the Hold Spirit are all ONE.
Encourage the children to think about their week:
• are there things that they are sorry about...
For hurt we have caused; we are sorry.
You know what is in our hearts
We know we are loved.
• are there things that they are grateful for...
Talk about all the lovely things that have happened in your week. The time you have spent together. Anything nice that has happened

Published :  06/06/2020

Last Week
(Pentecost Sunday)
Last week Jesus’ closest friends were gathered together when a powerful wind came through the room and small tongues of fire spread out amongst them, but did not burn them. These flames were the Holy Spirit and the disciples knew that Jesus was now with them wherever they went. 
This week
This week we celebrate the Trinity. What is the Trinity? Tri (three) Unity (one). The Trinity means just that: three in one.  How does that work? Let’s look at some examples.
Think about an apple
You have the Skin
You have the flesh
You have the seeds
You have An Apple
All the parts of the apple have separate jobs, but they are all the apple.
Think about yourself
You are a son/daughter
You are a grandson/granddaughter
You are a friend (or brother/sister)
You are You
 You have different roles, but you are one person.
Why don’t you make the sign of the cross with your family. What are the words you say?
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
We have The Father
We have The Son
We have The Holy Spirit
We have God
This is the Trinity Three in one.
All the parts of the Trinity have different jobs/roles, but they are all GOD.

The Gospel reading and a reflection can be found on the CAFOD website:

  • Cut up an apple... of course eat it afterwards
  • Make a spinner  (see video)

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