Mission to Romania

 2nd AUGUST TO 16th AUGUST 2015
The purpose of this visit was to organise and run a two week summer camp for the children of the villages in and around Homorodu de Jos, in northwest of Romania

Published :  24/09/2015

Sunday 2nd August was the start of another positive and exciting adventure for the group travelling to Romania for the summer camp. The beginning of the trip was not without its challenges: hotel problems, insurmountable amounts of luggage to load and unload and tired travellers, but these were all forgotten when they were reunited with their old Romanian friends, Soreena, Nelu and Maria and a home cooked meal of Salmali (a traditional dish of meat cooked in cabbage leaves).  

The days spent with the children were funfilled, exciting and so rewarding. They were so enthusiastic and enjoyed all the wonderful things the group had brought over, thanks to the generosity of so many of the parishioners and many others. They were so receptive to the games that they were taught and while some of the older ones had become too 'cool' for the hugs they may have given generously in previous years, the group were not in any doubt of the children's affection and apprection.

Despite the unexpected heatwave, which was a real challenge, everyone managed to find ways to enjoy both indoor and outdoor play.

Time was made each day for the group to reflect and pray. The candle which Fr. Anton had given the group was lit during these times and the group would remember and pray for the parishes.

These experiences are always as rewarding for the group as they may be for the children and families of the children attending the summer camp. The group feel so blessed by the love, generosity and hospitality of all who welcomed them and worked with them.

If you are a parishioner and interested in joining the group on their next mission there will be lessons to learn Romanian in St Agnes on Sunday 11th and 25th October and in St Agnes. There are however, very few places left. There is also a group that meets every first Thursday of the month at 7:00pm in the Prestbury 92 Adswood Road. If you are interested please come along.

A full report of the groups' adventures can be found at the back of church.

Below are a few images from the trip. More photos can be found on our Facebook page.


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