Romania Day One

We all woke early to a hot, sunny, Hungarian morning and broke fast at McDonalds. Our transport to Romania, H.d.J. turned up at 1000ish next morning. The 19 seater minibus for 17 travellers plus all of our luggage was far too small and we had cases and bags scattered all around us. This meant we had to take some of it out whenever we stopped, which we did 3 or 4 times on our 6hr trip from Budapest to H.d.J. 

Published :  21/07/2014

The A/C on the bus was not working so the trip was stifling. Yonick, our driver, was very good but even he was flagging at the end of our trip as he had been up since 0300 that morning.

Our arrival at H.d.J was met with many hugs and kisses between the group members who had been to H.d.J before and the people who came to greet us. Accommodation was sorted out. We were billeted in two houses, a large two storey house, owned by Marie and her husband Jorge, which slept 10 of us and a smaller bungalow owned by Serena and Mellor which accommodated the remaining 7.  

We discovered that very few children knew of our arrival because of communication difficulties between the teaching staff at the school. Fr Anton had to phone around to make sure the school would be open in the morning. We checked that most of our boxes had arrived, unpacked and sorted out most of the gear that we had sent/brought with us, organised ourselves for the morrow and retired. 

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