Off We Go ! Romania

We departed after masses at St. Aidan’s and St Agnes at about 1230. Our 1600 flight from Manchester was delayed 1.5hrs and we arrived in Hungary (Budapest) at about 2100 local. The Minibus to our overnight hotel got lost and it took about 1hr to get there. On the way we noticed several Tesco stores (which made us all feel a little homesick). 

Published :  20/07/2014

We arrived there at 2230 local. (Local time GB+1hr). The hotel looked like DHSS hostel, clean enough but very shabby. The night receptionist was overwhelmed by our “en mass” arrival but we eventually got booked in. There were no restaurants or cafes open, McDonalds was closed and the only available food was from a petrol station shop. Sandwiches and drinks. We eventually turned in around midnight, tired, hot and apprehensive.

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