Romania Day Eight

​After breakfast we went to the school to prepare for Monday's activities but the main event of the day was a Mass at The Holy Cross Church in Homorodu de Jos conducted by Fr Julian. Most of the Mass was in Romanian but he translated some of it into English for us. The church is some 200 years old and apart from some cracking of the plasterwork, still looks very fresh

Published :  27/07/2014

We believe the church was built by the Germans which probably explains why it is in such good repair. We sang the hymn, “We are companions on our journey”, for them and at the end of the service Joe presented the Altar Servers with small mementoes from St Aidan’s and St Agnes. 

After Mass we went for a stroll around the top end of the village and called in to see Christy, his wife Johanna and their 3 month old baby. These are amongst the poorest in the village. They rent their two roomed cottage and although they have very little in the way of material possessions they do have a fair sized plot of land, chickens, fruit trees and a good clean water well. They gave us food and drink and we spent a very pleasant hour in their garden. They have an outdoor lifestyle in summer that would be the envy of many of us but in the winter they must struggle.

We then went on to Serena’s house where she had baked a cake in honour of her grandchild, David’s, 2nd birthday. Again they have very little but she shared her chocolate sponge cake and grape wine with us. 

Honor prepared a pasta and meat dish for our evening meal and then Annette showed us the intricacies of Uno which we had to play by torch light because of a power cut. 

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