Romania Day Eleven

​The bus arrived again today so we were back to our usual number of children.  Fun and games followed by a lunch of croissant and crisps.
Joe and Alex went into Satu Mare to pick up the rest of our boxes that were sent out from U.K. They went in by bus and were given a lift back by Cristian. In the afternoon we went on a horse and cart ride around the village. 

Published :  30/07/2014

Two hours later we returned, numb-bummed and thoroughly shaken up. It was good to experience the way the locals have to travel around because even though there are cars and tractors in the village, many of the families still use horse and cart as their means of transport.

After our evening prayer meeting we had a discussion about the days proceedings and we started to talk about the events on the coming  Friday when a Sports Day was to be arranged for the children. Some things were said about the organising of the day which highlighted the split between the St Aidan’s group and St Agnes. This led to a general feeling in the St Agnes group that their input into the planning was not required. Consequently, at the moment, we are a divided group with St Agnes tagging along and St Aidan’s taking the lead. It will take all of Joe and Honor’s diplomacy skills to get us back on track.


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