Romania Day Six

School started as usual with Annie leading the physical jerks and dance but this time because the weather was so much better than it had been we held this session outside. Fr Anton led prayers and told everybody he was leaving.

Published :  25/07/2014

Craft, games, and face painting took part and lunch was served at 1230. We had now moved the tables and chairs to the upstairs corridor as it was easier to manage the children. Today we had croissant, crisps and juice which all went down well. No wastage and everybody had their fill.

In the afternoon we all took a trip into Satu Mare by minibus. The A/C had been fixed so the 40 minute journey was comfortable apart from the actual road which was very bumpy. Satu Mare is quite big with all the shops you would expect of a large U.K town. We visited the Cathedral, a tall “look out” tower with 175 steps to the top giving fantastic views all around the town, had a good meal and did some general shopping for the project at the local supermarket (Kaufland). We got back around 2230 and Marie had made doughnuts for everybody, lots of doughnuts, so we all ate our fill and went to bed full.

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