Romania Day Seven

​A day off today so we hired the minibus and took a trip to “The Merry Cemetery” in Sapanta, about a 2 hour ride away. This is a cemetery where the theme is celebration of life not death. The grave stones are made of carved wood and tell the story of the deceased life and sometimes how they died.  

Published :  26/07/2014

One grave is of a boy who was killed in a road accident and his “stone” has a car crash scene on it. Another implores the visitor to be quiet as he was nagged by his wife and mother-in-law in life and shows the two women chastising the man.

After this we went to a Monastery about 2 km from the cemetery This is a huge, fantastic wooden affair reminiscent of a Buddhist Temple. We got back about 1900 to what we hoped would be a Goulash that Serena had prepared for our tea. Unfortunately a power cut put paid to that idea and so Cathy made a revised menu of omelettes, curried mushrooms and salad.

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