Romania Day Thirteen

​Sports Day at last. We assembled at school early to set up the games and sort out the prizes. We had 5 teams with two of the group “in charge” of each team, two judges and the rest sorting out water etc. the day went well and all of the children entered into the spirit of the day even if the intricacies of the three legged race eluded them

Published :  01/08/2014

We also had skipping race, sack race, and bean-bag on the head race. Ice creams were provided at half time. Water bombs and general mayhem followed then the party began. Croissants, cakes, biscuits, crisps and juice were served to the 83 children who turned up.  Some of these were the kids of the teachers who turned up to help. After the sports day prizes were given out we said our goodbyes to the children and the head teacher led us away to a BBQ she had organised for us in the back garden of the house she owned in the village. Again we were fed and watered royally. Some of the group then went on a tractor ride to a small Gypsy “village” a couple of miles from Homorodu in a place we called Shree. 5 hours later they retuned having been given an extended tour of the whole area. We ate Spaghetti Bolognese cooked by Monica at around 2200. 

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