Romania Day Three

At school that we had nearer to 70 young people turn up. Today was slightly more chaotic than Tuesday, (no real surprise there) but still we performed well and all the kids seemed to enjoy themselves which was the object of the exercise. Some of the teachers turned up to help and to see what was happening. Lunch was prepared by Franny, Mary and Ronnie. It was a bean and sausage casserole cooked under the same conditions as Tuesdays meal but for nearly 3 times the number.

Published :  23/07/2014

Much the same format and weather as Tuesday. Word had got around that so much fun was to be had  The learning curve steepened here as we realised that we were not going to be able to give the children a cooked meal for lunch as we just did not have the equipment to do it with. What we needed was an army field kitchen. After lunch the children left and we cleared away for the next day. A meeting was held and we decided to feed the children sandwiches and cakes for lunch, and to re-organise the days activities. We are nothing if not flexible.

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