Romania Day Two

After the hot day yesterday came the rain, the day was to be showery. We had breakfast in our own houses as it was more convenient to organise it that way. The evening meals would be split between the two houses but we would all eat together. 

1st day of summer camp and after breakfast we went to school. This is a fairly large, two story, concrete building, well constructed, with wooden parquet flooring.

Published :  22/07/2014

The classrooms are light and airy with plenty of chairs and tables and new toilet facilities paid for by the W.C.M.A.D. project. The whole building is centrally heated but the old wood fired “hot brick” heaters are still in place Outside is a concrete slab and very, very rough “grass” areas which serve as playgrounds. 

The first, nervous, children started arriving about 0930 with parents and big brothers and sisters. The age group was between around 3 – 11. Because of the communication failure only about 25 kids turned up which was, in hindsight, not a bad thing because it allowed us to slip into the roles of teachers/babysitters in a fairly easy way.

We started the day with a short introduction by Fr Anton and a talk about showing love and respect to fellow people and how all people are special, followed by the Lords Prayer.

Annie then led the dance session with a few loosening up exercises and general arm and leg waving about. This was to be the general format for the start of all our days before the children were put into groups ready for the days activities.

We had craft sessions with Honor, Annette, Cathy, Mary, Julie, Ronnie, Franny, Joe.  Face painting by Annie and Monica. Various games were taken by Josh, Fr Anton, Jose, Chris, Benny and Bryan. Alex took on the role of interpreter. Other jobs were taken by members of the cast as and when they were required.

Lunch for the 30 children was prepared by Monica and Honor, pasta, sausage/ham and a tomato sauce. The task made difficult by the poor kitchen facilities but none the less carried out with enthusiasm and no small degree of culinary skill. This was prepared in the house kitchen and carried the 200 or so metres to the school unfortunately we found out later that many of the children didn’t like pasta. A learning curve for everybody. The kids departed at around 1300 leaving us to clear away and prepare for Wednesday.

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