Benny's Banter

​The school children came to church for a Mass today. It was great to see them and the teachers all dressed in their uniforms.  We sang ‘Can I Get An Amen’ for them and by the end they were all joining in. 

Published :  17/01/2014

We were hanging around after Mass, enjoying a bit of ‘Sabbath rest’, amused by Benny’s banter and  great Liverpool humour when the paint  arrived so we immediately got started on the interior of the church. Benny proved his skills with the paint brush, as he worked non-stop for many hours. We stopped only briefly for a bite to eat as we needed to complete the work as soon as possible before nightfall.  Meanwhile, Monica, Franny and Mary scraped and painted the doors and windows which needed a lot of attention. The frantic labour continued until 7pm, by which time the daylight had gone, so we had to call it a day.  We were very tired and some of us decided to have a dip in the river.  Brian, an experienced swimmer warned us not to venture into the river again as the rapids were too strong.

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