Early Start For Fr Anton

​3am – we had all decided earlier in the week that we would set our alarms and wave Fr. Anton off on his backpacking trip to Peru and Bolivia.  We all crept downstairs and watched him running round trying to sort himself out when Bryan started playing ‘ Gabriel’s Oboe’. 

Published :  25/01/2014

I think it was only then Fr. Anton realised we were all there in the hall, including Sr Egno.  It was a lovely surprise for him and he really appreciated it.  We waved him off then we all went back to bed.

When we got up later we decided we should do as much as we could before we left as it would be too much for Sr to do on her own.  By lunchtime we had done all the towels and most of the bedding had been washed and was hanging up to dry.  Sr came and said we should leave it because “what was she going to do when we left?”   We told her the best thing for her to do was take a rest, but we think she appreciated our efforts.   Upstairs was brushed out and washed down as we cleared out each room.

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