Off For Supplies

​Monica and Bryan went to Atjoni, by the motorised-dugout canoe, to buy some food (as we had eaten a lot of pumpkins in various forms and rice in the last few days) they also had to order the paint and paintbrushes. Mary and Franny organised and sorted the wind-up torches and gifts into different bags as they were to be given to various villages along the river and the various native Indian tribes (Arawaks, Caribs) living in other parts of the interior. 

Published :  16/01/2014

Fr. Toon and Sr. Egno also minister to a number of indigenous tribes such as  the Akurio, Trió, Warrau, and Wayana who live inland in the rainforest.  We had the privilege of working with some of these people on our previous visits and who we will be visiting next week.

We all went up river today to see some of the other villages of the Maroons that come under Fr. Toon’s  ‘parish’.  Labaiani – New Aurora has a large clinic but there is a small hospital being built alongside, at the moment, which is going to make a huge difference.  Casipela – now called Pamboko after the Casipela-village was flooded by the government to make way for a new dam.  On our way back down the river to visit a few more villages our boat got into serious difficulty amidst strong rapids and we were all terrified when it started to lean to one side - particularly those members of the group who were non-swimmers. However, the boatman, Joshua, got things under control by jumping overboard and using a big wooden plank to release the boat, which had become stuck between rocks. 

We also visited Kajapati village and this village is one of the few to have a woman as captain/chief.  Three quarters of the villagers are made up of the same family and they contribute to the support of the captain.  The women in this village have set up a group with a teacher to enable them to read and write - about half of the women in the village attend.  It was wonderful to watch those adults going to their class as the outcome  for them will be to help educate their own children as well as to empower themselves.

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