Off Into The Jungle !

Monday morning we were all up at 7 am as there was a lot of shopping and banking to be done before we loaded the cars and headed off to the interior (jungle). A small village, Brownsweg, was our first port of call to deliver the banner we had promised them during our last visit. This is a replica of the tapestry in St Agnes and will be a reminder of our connection with them. 

Published :  11/01/2010

We called in to the school and saw the new building which had only opened that day.  This means the children no longer have to use the church as an extra  classroom.  We were back on the new tarmac road through the rainforest, which was barely a track on our first trip. This enabled the journey to Jaw Jaw to be cut by 12 hours!!

We arrived at Atjoni, where the road ends and the journey continued via river.  All the luggage and equipment were loaded into a dugout canoe then we began our journey to Jaw Jaw (one of the remote villages along the Surinamese river).  It is unbelievable how much they managed to load into the canoe without it sinking.  On our arrival lots of the villagers were there singing a welcome song. It was very emotional and heart-warming to witness the welcome for Sr Egno and Fr Toon and then our own reception.  The villagers had even erected an arch made of coconut palms to welcome us.  When we were unloading the boat they made a chain from the boat to the top of the steps and everything was delivered to the village in no time.   The accommodation was on the side of the river with a stunning view of the rain forest and small rapids.  This evening we gathered for prayers and reflections and to give thanks to God for making it possible to be here.

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