Praying For A Mircale

​We were up at 6.30 am, had our breakfast and were painting by 8.30 am. Honor and Sr. Egno volunteered to cook some lunch today.  When they were sorting out the meal this morning they realized that the amount of chicken we had would not be enough to feed everyone, so they were in a dilemma. 

Published :  17/01/2014

Instead of praying for a miracle, Sr Egno had a bright idea – she telephoned one of the Pastoral Leaders who was coming to a meeting from another village and asked her to buy some chicken at Atjoni on her way to us. This lady not only bought us some much needed chicken but also some local vegetables (spinach) known as ‘bitter blood’. In this remote part of South America there are always ways and means of sorting out problems.   We called it a day at 7 pm with only the shutters at the back of the church remaining to be done.  As it was too dark to clean up Fr Toon told us not to worry as some of his parishioners would come in early the next day and sort it out.  

The Pastoral Leaders from a number of villages arrived in canoes and had a meeting today with Fr. Toon and Sr. Egno, as they often do, to plan their liturgies and various other activities.  We were told that an 80 year old man had died the previous night and there was a lot of controversy about where to bury him and what are the correct procedures to follow.  This situation gave all of us the opportunity to discuss with Fr. Toon and Sr. Egno the whole culture surrounding funerals in the villages, in their part of the world.  We really felt the need to commit these facts to memory as to the Western mindset, they were not only fascinating but really rather confusing.

As usual we had our prayers and reflection before our evening meal. Everybody shared a bit of what they experienced today.

After the evening meal, Fr Toon took Fran and Mary to the wake and came back on his own.  He said he had lost sight of them during the evening but not to worry as they would be fine and able to make their own way home.  We were a bit shocked and worried as we had been talking about the snakes and other creepy crawlies that are common in this area.  When Fr. Toon saw our worried faces and started laughing when he realised he really had fooled us.  He assured us that Gabrielle, one the Pastoral Leaders, was with them and would bring them home later that night. 


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