Suriname Day two

​A group of villagers went back up river today to collect the material for the roof (completely paid for by our fundraisers in Agnes and Aidan’s).  While we waited for the material we walked across to the school and met up with the children on the way.  We visited the classrooms and then all the children came out for a group photo.  We presented the ‘slinkies’ but they would be distributed when the children were going home, as it would be too much of a distraction in the classroom.

Published :  12/01/2010

As  requested by Fr. Toon and Sr. Egno, some children were given the ‘slinkies’ there and then as they were to be sent home because their teacher had not reported for duty that day. We walked back to the village with the children and visited some of the houses and as well as some of the shrines to their ancestors.

When the boat came back we joined in the human chain to off-load the roof and other materials. The women are amazing the way they carry such heavy loads on their heads with such poise and grace.  

We had a good chat with Fr. Toon and Sr. Egno tonight, they are incredible in the work they have done and continue to do.  They have experienced such changes in the time they have been working there and their adventures would make an excellent film.  We all suggested that they should write their stories/ adventures of their dedicated service, especially among the people who live in and around the 
Suriname Amazon rainforest.

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