Back To Paramaribo

We packed up today to travel back to Paramaribo.  As usual the villagers joined us to carry all our luggage and load it back into the canoe.  Some of them stayed on the river bank and when Sr Egno started singing a farewell song they joined in to wave us off. 

Published :  20/01/2014

When we arrived at Atjoni some of the group carried Sr across from the boat and the only thing she was worried about was that nobody had taken any pictures!   After we had loaded up the cars some of the group picked her up again so we were able to capture the moment for her.  It was really funny.

On our way we stopped at Brownsweg and went to the church from where we called Fr Dorus, the priest we worked with on our previous trips, as this would be our last chance to have a chat with him but he was too busy. We spent some time with the children in the school before we continued our journey.

We called in at Koinakondre, a village we had visited in our previous missions to Suriname, and encountered two of the pastoral leaders. They were delighted to see us. It was good to reconnect with these lovely people and even the village monkey that was still there by the church.  Fr Toon got him to dance for us.  We also met the two older women known to us who were pleased to show us their new cooker. We gave the villagers a few items and continued our journey. When we got back to Paramaribo Sunni had cooked peanut soup and the equivalent of dumplings.

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