The Painting Goes On

​We attended church for 9am Mass and it was good to see it had all been tidied and cleaned up.  Mass was lovely although there wasn’t a large congregation due to the funeral-wake the night before.  After Mass we gave the children sweets and got some of the parents and older parishioners to also line up and receive a bag of sweets, which caused a lot of laughter. 

Published :  19/01/2014

We were due to have a meeting with the villagers at 12.30 but it didn’t take place due to the chaos surrounding the funeral so instead we continued the job of painting. In such villages there is no question of health and safety regulations. By the grace of God none of us was seriously injured - apart from Mary’s injury, Brian, while painting, fell from the top of a broken ladder. His previous Naval training proved to be of great help in saving himself from any serious injury.

We completed the painting by 7pm then made a mad dash to get ready and eat because the villagers were coming to visit.  They arrived with lots of gifts which we thought were for sale.  They dressed us up in national costumes and gave us calabash shells/cups as presents for all our hard work.  We felt very humbled.  They sang and danced and encouraged us to join in.  

We were also presented with a few Thank you notes and paintings from the school children.  It was surprising to see one of these was a picture of Brian falling from the ladder.  We had a lovely night, the children joined us and the rain poured down again! As we attempted to return to our rooms we slipped in mud and there were so many frogs (as usual) waiting to greet us!

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