“tourniquet! tourniquet!’

​We all woke up to Gabriel’s oboe played on Fr. Anton’s phone at 6am.  Today we were to work on the roof.  Before we could fix the church roof we had to remove the massive bell-tower and Brian and Chris did a great job while others began removing the old zinc roof.  Everything started well on this very warm morning when there was a shout of “tourniquet! tourniquet!’’. 

Published :  13/01/2014

One of the zinc sheets had cut right across Mary’s leg.  Fran was quick off the mark and got a shawl and put it round her leg, someone appeared with a wheelbarrow and Mary was rushed off to the clinic with Sr and Fran.  She returned later with her leg strapped covering 5 stitches.  

While she was in the clinic some of the men who were working with us walked over to check how she was.  She had to stay in her room for a few hours and while she was resting some of the women from the village called in to see her.  A little girl also called at the house and just sat with Mary and gave her an occasional hug.  All this welcome attention was so charming despite the language barrier.

As there is no electricity (a generator that supplied a few hours of electricity to the village had broken down), the norm here is to eat the main meal at around 1pm so that the cooking can be done in daylight.  Today we invited the locals who were working with us, to share our meal.  They were a bit shy at first but they eventually came.  It was the first time in all of our visits that we have eaten with the people from a Maroon community.  (Maroons:  when runaway slaves banded together and subsisted independently they were called Maroons...these people settled in certain parts of the Suriname rainforest). Having prepared a meal for 10, it actually increased to 16 people sharing, but everyone had enough to eat. 

With everyone helping, the roof was finished by 5pm much to Fr Toon’s surprise and he was delighted to see the brand new roof.

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