Off to Romania

Several of our parishioners have spent months preparing for theis year's WCMAD Summer Camp in Homorodu De Jos, Romania. They have been collecting and packing things for the children, preparing activities and taking part in a preparation retreat.

Published :  25/08/2015

We remember Honor, Benny, Franny, Veronica, Georgie, Ronnie, Alex, Kathy, Mary, Annette, Annie and Josie in our prayers. We are grateful for their time, hard work and commitment to the WCMAD missions run in our parishes. We hope it will be a happy, safe and successful trip for all.

Retreat Day in preparation of the trip:

Comminssioning the parishioners who are heading off to Romania:

Some of the many boxes that had to be packed sorted before heading off:

All the best to all the parishioners involved:



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