Suriname and Romania Projects

The WCMAD projects continue to thrive under the support of our loyal and generous parishioners. The projects have been a great success with an enriching trip to Romania last year and a group of parishioners currently working out in Suriname.

Published :  17/01/2017

The work that is done for the projects in Romania and Suriname would not be successful without the volunteers who give up thier time, pay for their fares and work with the people in these areas and all the parishioers who faithfully support the car boot, fundraising events and WMCAD projects in various ways.

As well as the Summer Camp our parishioners delivered to the children in Romania last year, we were able to send selection boxes this Christmas. We know how well these are recieved as those who go out to Romania have commented on seeing the empty boxes kept with pride in the homes of some of the children who attend. 

We were also able to provide Christmas meals for the children of a number of villages along the Amazon. In Suriname, our time and money goes towards supporting Fr. Toon and Sr. Egno, as they continue thier great missions among the people along the Amazonian rain forest. 
The group, who were missioned on the 7th/8th January and flew out to Suriname on the 9th, go with our prayers for a safe and enriching experience. They take with them the strength and support of all the parishioners. 
Thank you again for all the support! 

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