Survive Miva Appeal

This weekend, at all three Masses, there will be an appeal for Survive-Miva. The retiring collections will be for this Liverpool based charity.

Published :  11/08/2016

"SURVIVE-MIVA is a Catholic lay Association and UK Registered Charity, founded in Liverpool, UK in 1974. We exist to provide one vital element for successful healthcare and pastoral work that is being being carried out by the Church in areas of great need in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 
The funds we receive (voluntary donations from our generous supporters) are converted into grants for all types of transport: this may be a bicycle, a moped, a trail bike, a 4wd ambulance, a pickup, an outboard motor - it is the people on the ground who know what best suits their terrain."

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Liverpool Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Trustees Inc. Reg Charity No 232709